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Water Supply and Water Tank Hire Services for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Gympie and Sunshine Coast.

Water Tank Hire Service is the specialists in Water Tank Hire, Water Supply and delivery solutions for your construction or development site, mine, building, or any other commercial requirement. We also have all solutions for residential clients as well.

Our water tanks and bulk water supplies are often used for purposes such as landscaping, horticulture, dust control, building and construction, all at very affordable rates!! We stock a wide variety of tanks including transportable tanks, demountable tanks and building tanks.

Water Tank for Hire

Our services include the management and maintenance of your water as well as your tank.  We can also pickup and deliver 7 days a week so we can be as convenient for you as possible. All of our tanks come fully equipped with high quality fittings to ensure the most efficient use of our tanks and are specific to your requirements.

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• Applications
There are many applications that can be utilized in the introduction of Watertank Hire Service, such as;

• Dust Control
Regular watering will eliminate the dust in the atmosphere and ensure a stabilised surface

• Construction
Supply of water to a construction and building site can be paramount to an safe and efficient building process

• Building
Many building works require water for tank and pool fills, sewer flushing, pipe flushing as well as completing building inspections

• Road Works
Stabilising and cleaning road works is vital to the ongoing works as well as environmentally safe water consumption

• Street Washing
Environmentally sound process of cleaning and washing both newly developed and established streets

Tanker Trailers

Tanker Trailers

Our 2500 litre tanker trailers and 500 litre - 5000 litre demountable tanks are...

Building Tanks

Water Storage Tanks

The current water crisis in Queensland has brought home a strong message.

Demountable Tanks

Demountable Water Tanks

Our 500 litre - 5000 litre demountable tanks are fully equipped with...

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